British Auto Works

10580 NW 289th Place,
North Plains, OR 97133 US
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British Auto Works in North Plains, OR is a full service Exotic Makes auto repair shop. We can service, repair, or restore your Exotic Makes vehicle. We serve the areas of Hillsboro, OR and Beaverton, OR with expert Exotic Makes repair.

1 Review

  • Dan5 years ago

    Avoid this place. Please learn from my $2000.00 mistake.

    Let me start by saying that I have dealt with these guys (Bill and Stan) for about 6 years as I drive triumphs frequently. This company has been a last resort for me due to poor service from Stan (his attitude is both sarcastic and condescending toward myself as well as other triumph enthusiasts in the greater Portland area.) Bill has always been polite and seemed knowledgable but it appears that Stan is taking more of a leadership role in the company which is certain to be the end of British Auto Works. With that said, here is my review:

    I dropped off two cars here a few months back. A 1964 Triumph Spitfire and a 1972 Triumph TR6.


    Apparrently $1600.00 of my business was not worth updating me or returning my calls until they felt it was necessary. I took the TR6 in to have some seals replaced in the differential, to have the front differential mounts welded and reinforced as these are weak spots on the TR6. I also requested that they tune the carbs and bypass the non functioning emissions junk as well as replace the universal joints on the car. When I got the car back, it was not tuned (despite paying for 2 hours of labor to tune it) the differential was leaking, and they didnt touch the emissions equipment. They told me it was idling smoothly at 1000 RPMs. In reality It was idling at 2000 RPM and running poorly with a bad clunk in the rear end. Upon closer inspection their mechanics did not properly reattach my drive shaft with nyloc nuts, and one of the rear lever shocks was literally about to fall off as it was barely bolted in place(hence the clunk.) I also asked them to replace the intake/exhaust manifold gasket. Upon inspection, the exhaust manifold bolts were all very loose and the maniflod itself was cracked. It was not like that before. There were other problems as well which I dont have the energy to mention.


    I asked them to replace the rear differential with a 3:89 diff and new leaf spring that i purchased from them on ebay. this car took two months to complete what I could have done in a day. When they called to tell me the car was done, They said it was running poorly. They offered to sell me tune up parts and adjust the valves for $70.00 and it would run better. By this point I had the TR6 back and knew these guys were not professionals. I declined paying the $70 for the distributor cap, rotoor, plugs, wires as I had just replaced all of those parts less than 1 month prior to dropping off the car and those parts were clearly new. Hearing that that the spitfire was running poorly was confusing to me as I finished the engine installation prior to dropping it off there and the compression test showed 140psi per cylinder. The engine ran like a dream. Upon picking up the car I noticed a few strange things. First off, the mechanic told me that the car runs poorly and "drops RPM's" in 3rd and 4th gear. He stated that they could fix it if I wanted them to. I looked in the car and noticed that the overdrive was turned to the on position. The guy was driving the car with the overdrive engaged and didnt even know it! He actually told me that my car was not an overdrive! I know it is because I installed the gearbox myself! Next thing...I dropped off the car with 1/2 tank of gas in the tank. When I picked it up the tank was almost completely empty. The gauge ready below empty. One of the motor mounts (that was also repalced by myself about a month ago) was literally torn in half. Once i hit the freeway the car started dumping white smoke out of the back and was overheating. I figured the head gasket was somehow blown. I ran another compression test and two of the four cylinders were reading very poor compression. I havent pulled the head yet to see the extent of the damages. All signs point to someone at British Auto Works beating the snot out of my low mileage 64' Spit. when I got the car home, I also noticed that the monza exhaust system which I asked them to install was held together with clamps (not welded) and literraly seperated in the middle as they did not properly secure the clamps! The whole system is also hanging loe enough to get ripped off by a speed bump.

    I brought all of these concerns to Stan's (Owners son) attention. Stan replied by denying any wrong doing and stating that I am accusing him of negligence/damaging my cars.

    These guys literally put me at risk of getting killed in both cars as the work to the TR6's driveline was so poor and they knew I was going to attempt the 25 mile drive home in the spitfire.

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